Intro Workshop

Where you live or where ever you want to do your Boxing Training, if you’re a beginner and want to learn the basics of boxing The Boxing Clinic 1 hour Intro Workshop is for you.

You will learn what type of fighter you are, how to wrap your hands, jab, cross, hook, upper cut. Along with defensive blocks, ducks & slips, putting all this together with the foot work you need to learn to move like a boxer.

Once you’ve mastered the basics we move on to all the equipment you would have to use at The Boxing Clinic, teaching you how to use and move with focus pads and shields and discs while working in pairs.

At the end of your 1 hour Intro Workshop you will be moving and thinking like a boxer, if you want to you can join one of the Boxing Clinic Teams at one of our locations or you can take what you have learned from us and do your Boxing at your own gym or at home if you have a boxing bag.

The Boxing trainers at the Boxing Clinic can also advise you on setting up a Boxing training station at home or if needed to can also help you out with Personal Training to help you progress as a faster rate.

Intro workshops cost £50.  Email or call us to book.

There is a strict 24 hour notice policy on all Intro Workshops and 121 lessons ( 50% refund with 24 hours notice, no refunds with less than 24 hours notice or a no show )