The Boxing Clinic League

So you want a goal to train for?

Want to find out how far you can push yourself?

You want to commit yourself to some serious training?

You want a challenge that is going to test every inch of character in your body?

The Boxing Clinic is now running an in-house Boxing League where we’ll have four Clinic Champions holding Boxing Clinic Belts. The Boxing League is kept in-house (i.e. only members can enter the fight nights). This way we know that no one is going to get hurt!

All other organisations will tell you that you will be matched against someone with the same abilities as yourself if you wanted to enter a fight, but that doesn’t happen because they mix clubs and fighters from all over which means you never actually know if your opponent is of similar abilities as yourself. The only thing you may have in common is your weight!!

Our in-house league is suitable for Beginners Boxing, Intermediate Boxing or Advanced Boxing on a recreational level, everyone knows each other here everyone pushes each other and when it comes down to your fight if it’s your 1st one at least you have the added security that you know the person your getting in the ring with. Once your fight starts you fight like strangers once it’s finished you come out of the ring the same way you entered the ring – as training partners and friends.

If you think you can commit to the training and you think you can stand up and show the skills you will have learned during your journey at The Boxing Clinic then this is the next level if you feel you want to test it. We have a fight night every 8 weeks for fighters to climb the ranks and where current champions have to defend their belts.

Minimum 3 months training before you can enter the league.

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