People seem to hate it when you refer to them as nice – I guess to many it might seem a bit of a pedestrian description. But, what label do you give to someone that is decent, generous, focussed, fun, not afraid to look stupid (he likes silly dancing) and is the ultimate team player – well nice sort of sums this guy up. But don’t be fooled – when competing he leaves nice in the locker room, he takes no prisoners!

I’m talking about Pat Vickers – if you train at the Angel gym you will have almost certainly done a class with him as he boxes, he kicks, he grapples, he’s an all round cardio bunny and MMA fighter. When I asked him if he thought he was fit he answered, “quite fit” so I guess you can add modest to the ‘nice list’ above.

He is the elder brother of Ben which always makes me giggle because they’re alike and very different at the same time – you have to be in their company to know what I’m talking about – they’re a sort of chalky cheese. And for two fighters there is so much brotherly love that flows between them you’d rather hug them than hit them.

Pat was born on an army base in Cyprus some 33 years ago but now lives in Borough – no sisters just one little brother. He’s a trader for a global investment bank and single probably because at present, he’s single minded!

He is one of the premier athletes within the Clinic, training six days a week, up to two hours a day. He has a fighting record of 7:1 – 2:0 as a pro. He’ll be fighting at The Forum next week probably in one of his toughest bouts yet.

When I asked Pat to describe his perfect day he replied, “Train, sleep, train, eat, dance”. When I wrote a blog about Ben a while back I remember thinking that as a kid he must have been a hand full – I imagine that Pat was an equal bundle of energy – no wonder their parents escaped to Spain!

When he’s not in the gym he’s listening to The Kings of Leon and his greatest extravagance are taxis. His mum’s roast would be top of the menu for his last meal on earth and silly dancing and Ben’s dogs are the things that make him happy. If he could have one talent it would be boxing

Usually when I ask this next question, “On what occasion would you lie?” The most common answer is, “To spare someone’s feelings”. But Pat’s was a little more intriguing than that. Now I don’t know my grappling from my wrestling so this could be what he’s talking about but I’ll leave you to be the judge.

Q. On what occasion would you lie?
A. I never like being on my back, always prefer top position.

Pat will be fighting on Cage Warriors 40 at the HMV Forum, 26th February 2011. To buy tickets click here.

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