So the Pope has been and gone with much talk of whether there’s religion on this little Isle.  Well I’ve seen the light and now everything is clear – we have religion and it’s MMA.  After months of watching our MMA boys prepare for their fights I realise that this is their religion and that I am a member of their congregation.

Each day they head to their church (the gym) and worship at the alter that is the cage.  Like all religions this is not a pass time this is a way of life and no aspect of their life is left untouched…they live, eat, sleep and breath MMA as they make many personal sacrifices along the way.

T, Mick, Max Charlie, Olly, Pat and Adam have faced many challenges on their pilgrimage to become the best.  Father Paul has brought them to their knees with his punishing training regimes.  They’ve be tempted by burgers and booze…or their thoughts have been corrupted as the ring girls pass by.  And many will bare the physical scars of their faith – some longer lasting than others.  But they remain steadfast in their belief and continue their daily worship.

On October 1st Father Paul will ask them to prove themselves in front of the biggest congregation yet.  I’ve watched them prepare and I’m confident that they’ll do themselves and our MMA church proud.

So let’s bow our heads and put our hands together and join with me in our hymn of praise.  “Alleluia…Alleluia…. Praise be (and good luck) the MMA Boys”

As with every service there’s a collection – so give generously by clicking here  to buy tickets online or pay a visit to The Angel reception….

by S Finnegan

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