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Saturday, September 25th, 2010


So the Pope has been and gone with much talk of whether there’s religion on this little Isle.  Well I’ve seen the light and now everything is clear – we have religion and it’s MMA.  After months of watching our MMA boys prepare for their fights I realise that this is their religion and that I am a member of their congregation.

Each day they head to their church (the gym) and worship at the alter that is the cage.  Like all religions this is not a (more…)

Colosseum WARS Report !

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Yep two weeks after The Contender, I still feel the same and yes this post is a little late…sorry folks.

I love Contender night and I know that I am in good company when I say that.  It’s one of those nights when most fighters are entering the ring for the first time, it’s one of those nights when the fighters are entering the ring for the only time – for many it’s that once in a lifetime experience. September 2nd did not disappoint   As always an amazing atmosphere, the DJ got the place rocking and our very own ring girls Nicole and Lucy looked lovely in (more…)

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