April 18th D Day – “The Beginning”

A near capacity crowd at the HMV Kentish Town Forum witnessed its first ever night of MMA in Central London.  News of Volcanic disruptions had filtered through on Saturday but as the first fighters made their way to the cage, the crowd erupted and didn’t lay dormant until the very end of the very last fight.  Here’s what happened…


Vita Nalivaika (MMA Clinic) v Lucas Krupwicz (Dillon Vale Tudo_ 84kg AMA

MMA Clinic win in round 1 after 57 secs by Tap Out.  Vita took his opponent right to the ground and set to work.

Max Matsak (MMA Clinic) v Daniel Kaloczi (Mill Hill BJJ)  77kg AMA

MMA Clinic win.  This went the full 5 mins, a unanimous decision for Max who proved patient and considered with every move.  A fast and furious bout and as the Black Eyed Peas predicted in their entrance music Tonight’s Gonna Be A Good Night!

Igor Lemisz (MMA Clinic) v Aaron Cole (KO Gym) 95kg AMA

KO Gym win after 2.31 mins by TKO.  There was amazing support for Pole Igor with the crowd rapturous as he entered the cage.  Igor dedicated his fight to the recently deceased Polish President and the rest of the passengers in last week’s plane crash.

This fight was tough stuff with a lot of the action on the ground but the turning point was when they both scrambled to their feet and Cole delivered his mighty blow.

Oliver Battell (MMA Clinic) v Dwight Rouse (London Fight Factory) 65kg AMA

MMA Clinic win by a unanimous decision.  The full 5 mins were on the ground with Olly on top and in control for most of it.

Adam Edwards (MMA Clinic) v Jay Cuccinello (Avadon MMA) 65.8kg Semi-pro

MMA Clinic win.  After some slick transitions a Tap Out from a rear naked choke just 1.34 mins into the first round put an end to the bout.  A warrior with a sense of humour, Adam entered the ring to Tiffany’s I Think We’re Alone Now!

Amit Rambojan (MMA Clinic) v Paul Kingdon (Diesel Gym) 72kg AMA

MMA Clinic win.  A unanimous decision from the judges Amit controlled from the top – he took his opponent down and kept him there for the majority of the 5 mins.

Dean Simpson (MMA Clinic) v John Brightwell (Diesel Gym) 70kg Semi Pro

Diesel Gym win.  An unlucky blow for any fighter and this kind of stuff can happen to the best of them – 40 secs with a sledgehammer of a right hand from Brightwell put an end to the night for Simpson.

Ed Gaudefroy (MMA Clinic) v Mark Nel (Diesel Gym) 77kg Semi Pro

MMA Clinic win.  With just 1.05 mins on the clock the ref stopped the fight as Gaudefroy ground and pound his way to victory.

Chris Chong (MMA Clinic) Callum Jones (South Coast Submissions) 70kg Semi Pro

South Coast Submissions win.  3.05 mins into round 1 Jones won from a Tap Out resulting from a rear naked choke…but it was a long choke – Chong wasn’t easy prey.

Dom Tsui (MMA Clinic) v Matt Kiley (KO Gym) 68kg Semi Pro

KO Gym win.  Two hard fought rounds that resulted in a unanimous decision.  Victorious Kiley said of his win, “I just got him to the ground and dry humped him for 10 mins”.  Tsui didn’t seem to mind as he left the cage with smile on his face.


James Wilkinson (MMA Clinic) v Chris Baugh (LSE) 70kg AMA

LSE Win.  27:30.  Baugh delivered controlled powerful punches.  Both danced around the ring with ease but Baugh was the more relaxed giving him more power to his punch.

Matt Wise (MMA Clinic) v Dan Hine (MMA Clinic)  77kg

Draw.  Wise emerged from the dressing room focussed and relaxed immersed in his entrance music.  Indestructible Dan looked relaxed too – he had nothing to lose – stepping up at the last minute.  The fight had a good pace, good trading of punches a fair decision.

Muay Thai

Giancomo Matera (MMA Clinic, Angel) v Joe Davies (MMA Clinic, Romford) 85kg AMA

Romford Win.  Davies won by a unanimous decision.  Matera looked the fitter but Davies produced a classy more skilful performance – a worthy winner.

Ben Woods (MMA Clinic) v Ron Harris (Semtex Gym) 65kg Pro

Semtex Gym Win.  47:48.  5 x 2 min rounds with Woods the aggressor and Harris the clincher.  More than once Woods delivered a right hand that made Harris stumble, to my mind – the only questionable result of the night.

This was just “The Beginning”.  Watch this space for our next fight night.

By Sue Finnegan


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