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Dear Boxing Clinic,
At the BBC we are in the early stages of producing a new adventure series for prime time, BBC 1 called ‘Drop Zone’. ‘Drop Zone’ involves members of the public (eight teams of 3 friends or colleagues) competing against each other in a series of fun challenges both physical and mental in increasingly exotic, foreign locations.
The reason I am contacting you at…

The Boxing Clinic is that we really want to cast the net wide to ensure that people from all industries and with varied interests may get the chance to see the information and perhaps apply if it appeals and is workable with their lifestyle. We think it would be really cool to see some boxers in the mix – particularly women!
It really is an amazing opportunity for anyone who loves foreign travel, has a good sense of adventure and an enjoyment of team challenges. It should be a fun and popular series, the key to which is finding great characters from members of the public with diverse skills and attributes. So far we have had interest from london cabbies, firefighters, airline crew, and even members of the clergy!

Who would you take?

Family, friends or work mates – whoever you chose you’ll need to be sure they won’t let you down. The only way to get out of the Drop Zone ahead of your rivals will be to work together. If you stay in the race and get to the sixth and final Drop Zone, you’ll be in with the chance of being crowned Drop Zone Champions…

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for teams of three from all walks of life. Are you friends who work together – or maybe you know each other through your shared hobbies? Maybe you’re three generations of the same family… What’s certain is that your team will have a selection of skills, experience and a determination to win. There’s no knowing what could give you the edge and get you out of the Drop Zone ahead of your competitors.

Get in touch!

If you think your team has what it takes to take part in this exciting adventure series, find out more and download an application form by visiting:

Alternatively, please email us for an application form at

Filming will take place across a six week period in June and July 2009 so you will need to be free during this time.


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