The Boxing Clinic sessions now in Regents Park

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For all those people who can not stand the site of a gym or working out indoors. The Boxing Clinic will be running sessions twice a week in Regents Park . ” Team Regent ” will commence on Tues June 2nd

The sessions will run every Tues and Thursday morning 730am to 830am. The Boxing Clinic will have all the kit there to run the legendary Boxing Clinic sessions .

If you’re a beginner and want to learn the basics of Boxing,  The Boxing Clinic is the place to be. Our London Boxing sessions in our gym are always full, so we thought we’d bring our Boxing sessions outdoors.

You will learn what type of fighter you are, how to wrap your hands, how to  jab, cross, hook, upper cut. Along with defensive blocks, ducks & slips, putting all this together with the foot work you need to learn to move like a Boxer.

Getting yourself into the best physical condition of your life doesnt mean spending hours on a treadmill nor lifting weights every day. The future to getting the body you want is to train in every way a fighter would.

Team Regent will be open to Beginners – Intermediate & Advanced  …….results dont happen with just talk people , you want results you got to work , here is your oppertunity, !

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We will only be excepting 20 people for Team Regent if you want

a spot in this Team email us ASAP 1st 20 names in and the Team is closed !

warning “THIS IS NOT BOXERCISE” you WILL learn how to Box AND  get seriously FIT …..The Boxing Clinic does not have Boxercise Instructors ….all our instructors actively Fight!

Regents Park Sessions

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