Hit Squad Day 9

Well thats it I’m done ! Time to pack the bags and head home after a very interesting 2 weeks training here with the Hit Squad.

I was asked the day before I was leaving would I come back and would I recommend the Hit Squad as a training facility for people to come learn and get fit ?

Yes I would, I would recommend the Hit Squad for anyone that wants to go and learn the basics of MMA and more so to the Pro’s of MMA . The Hit Squad has a world of MMA knowledge under one roof and a great gym to practice it all in .

My time in Granite City was great I learned alot and met alot of cool people and I would love to return to the gym sometime next year to progress futher on what I have learned during my stay there.

I would personally like to thank, Kyle, Veach, Amir, John, Whisper, Clay and Todd for making my trip what it was so thank you !

I expect to watch, read and hear at how great you will all become in the tough world of MMA in the near future & always remember, when you get those days where you can’t be arsed and its all abit to much, your all living the dream of hundreds of thosands that would love to be in your place !

Keep up the good work fella’s

Will be in touch


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