Hit Squad Day 7

 As mentioned on the previous blog  the fighters in this Team have the best attitude towards training I have seen in any gym/team I have worked with to date ( and I have worked with alot of teams and in alot of gyms) . There is no attitude amongst these lads they are  all here to do their job and have fun at the same time.

The Hit Squad for the average guy on the St I would imagine would be a big deal and an intimidating place to walk through the doors and sign up to learn MMA if you haven’t did any kind of Martial Arts previous.

I couldn’t recommend the Hit Squad any higher if I tried…….its a fantastic place for both beginners and pro’s. Its the pro fighters here that make the Hit Squad what it is and if it weren’t for these guys being here the Hit Squad wouldn’t be what it is ….. a great gym with a top friendly team !

Like I said its their job, these boys live on site in dorms they train in the morning take afternoons off for a power nap and train again in the evening. I’m perfeclty happy in my job but how sweet would it be to live like that the grass is always greener and there are some pretty heavy days in those sparring sessions and may be some of the guys here would say its a hard way of living!

My answer to that is you guys are a small minority living the dream that tens of thousands of guys can only ever dream about ! 

Kyle Watson, Matt Veach & Amir Khillah ambassadors for the sport of MMA I’ve had the honour of their coaching during my stay here and all going well I would hope to see them visit London/Ireland to lend their expertise sometime next year for a week or so !

 Well I’ve got 2 days left and the snow is falling enough to delay flights already hopefully my day trip home will only be a day trip home and no longer .

speak soon !

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