2009 starts The Boxing Clinic Grading System

The Boxing Clinic has introduced a Boxing Grading system. All other Martial Arts around the world have grading system’s all except Boxing. The staff at the Clinic have come together and formed a Grading System from White Shield to Black Shield leading to a Clinic Instructor status.

Boxing Clinic Grading 2009

Minimum 2 months between each grading !

The grades you can achieve at the Boxing Clinic are as follows’

Grading System :


Time Frame






White Shield

2 months



Yellow Shield

4 months



Green Shield

6 months



Blue Shield

8 months



Brown Shield

10 months



Red Shield

12 months



Black Shield

18 months



Clinic Fitness Instructor

24 months


The Boxing Clinic grading system is designed to give members a goal to train for.

The  grading system is for people who have no intention of getting into the ring. It is fitness and technique based should you reach a Black Shield status you would have gained the knowledge and fitness level of a Pro Fighter without having to fight.


Grading requirements will be emailed to you once you’ve registered for your grading.

Keep your eyes on the blog 1st week of January for more updates on the Clinic grading system !!